Master Your Metabolism & Weight Loss

Learn the Truth About
Weight Loss, Hormones, and Metabolism After 40!

Wednesday, September 22nd @ 7 pm CST

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In this workshop,

I’ll show you exactly how to Master Your Metabolism and Weight Loss!

Here’s what will be covered…

  • The 5 KEY Pillars To Lasting Weight Loss so that you don’t have to deprive yourself of the foods you love, do those extreme workouts, or rely On Willpower 

  • The TOP 3 Reasons that you Keep Getting STUCK, ( common roadblocks ) 

  • The TRUTH About Hormones and how they impact Weight Loss and Your Metabolism- 

  •  5 Weight Loss Myths That may actually be Sabotaging Your Efforts 

  • Little-Known Secret To Losing Weight and keeping it off for good

  • The KEY Ingredient Missing from Most Weight Loss Programs & Why It Must Be the Foundation Of Any Lasting Weight Loss Plan

  • What Really Causes Cravings & How To Master Them For Good so you don’t have to feel restricted or overwhelmed when it comes to food. 

After years of struggling with my own weight, body image, and confidence, I decided I was done following all of the fad diets and all the quick fixes the diet industry was promoting. I decided to find out what MY body needed to live in a happy place and free me from the rules and deprivation of dieting.


Throughout my personal journey and my studies in becoming a Certified Nutrition and Life Coach, I discovered the KEY pillars necessary to release excess weight effortlessly and actually keep it off for good!


I am going to share those with you so that you no longer stress about what to eat, what to do, where to start all while hating your reflection in the mirror.


I've helped so many people over the years and I'll be pulling back the curtain on what gets real lasting results that no one in the weight loss industry wants to talk about because they make money on you failing constantly and wanting to buy new programs. I’m going to share my tips and secrets and give you the blueprint to getting lasting results, once and for all.


~ Melanie Sobocinski