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Making Time for Yourself Episode 4: Giving Yourself 15 Minutes

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Overwhelmed, exhausted feel like you’re running in circles? What would a 15 minute break look like for you?

It really is ok to take a few minutes to yourself. Did you know you really do have 15 minutes to set aside for yourself? Yep, remember in Episode 2 when I talked about Creating Rituals? Here is where you can win big with your 15 minutes. Set it up first thing in the morning.

Take 15 minutes to give yourself some space and a little time out to breathe. Be present in the moment and relax. It will help you gain control of your day and you’ll enjoy it more.

What to do in these 15 minutes? It’ sall up to you how you spend it. Reading? Listening to personal development? Taking a hot shower or bath, meditating. Quit being a multitasker and give yourself time to breathe.

It’s important to make some intentional time for yourself. You’ll notice how much smoother you day goes. You owe it to yourself to do this. Seriously, put down your phone, shut off the TV and lock yourself in your room if you have to.


I challenge you today to find 15 minutes to yourself today. I’d love to hear, what will you do with you 15 minutes?


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