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It’s Time to Stop Praising People for Their Weight Loss

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Praising people for weight loss might not be all it’s cracked up to be. Matter of fact, I think we need to stop focusing on it altogether.

“You look great. Have you lost weight?”

I get it, weight loss can be a difficult task and it is definitely something to be proud of when it’s done for the right reasons…HEALTH. I hate the whole “LOOK” part of it all.

I can only imagine some thoughts that might go through someone’s head when they hear it.

While we generally think of it as a compliment, it could have such a negative effect on the person receiving it.


weight loss


Thoughts that might go through their mind

  • Did I not look good before I lost the weight?
  • What if I gain back some of the weight? Will I not look good?
  • If I could lose a little more weight, I’d probably look even better


Weight loss


We need to stop praising people for their weight loss.

I know, it sounds crazy but the focus needs to be taken off of the “smaller” LOOKS better fact and we need to focus on the big picture. Stop looking at the LOSS and look at the GAIN of it all.

If you are on a weight loss journey turn it into a HEALTH journey. Watch what happens and you’ll understand me completely. I’m not shaming someone for losing, gaining or maintaining weight. What I am saying is we need to take the focus and redirect it into something healthier.

I use this approach with my clients and would you believe that they actually LOSE weight without even focusing on it? YEP!

Focus on your gains, not your losses

You are gaining so much more than you lose on a weight loss journey. Stop looking for that number on the scale or that perfect pants size that society says you should be. Instead, look at your gains. You are gaining confidence, strength, health and so much more than a LOOK.



I invite you to watch this video below to understand where I am coming from when I say we need to take the focus off of the weight loss compliments.

Oh and P.S. I HATE before and after pictures.

Watch the video to find out my own personal story behind that one as I am sure many will find they are on the same page as I am with that one.



Don’t get me wrong, weight loss is hard and it takes hard work and dedication and I applaud anyone who has done so to improve their health. What I am saying is we need to start taking the focus away from the weight loss/size/number on the scale, diet mentality and start loving ourselves enough to live a healthy life from the inside out.



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