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How to Get Your Shit Together

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Why are we always putting things off for tomorrow that we can and SHOULD be getting done TODAY? How do you get you shit together and get things done? Stop procrastinating and get your shit in order NOW and start getting more done!!

Seriously! Stop worrying about what you SHOULD do so you can finish what you NEED to do and start doing what you WANT to do.

WARNING!!! I will be using the word SHIT often in this blog. I won’t sugar cote it, you can replace SHIT with poop or whatever word you choose while reading this blog. I DO suggest you read it so you can actually get your SHIT together and start getting things DONE!!



I get it, no one has the TIME! OR DO YOU? I bet you could get a ton of stuff done if you just took a second to get your SHIT together and PLAN a few things out. I know life doesn’t always go as planned but if you’re WASTING time on unnecessary things and you’re looking around wondering where all your time went each day THEN I suggest you take a look at these tips below on how to get your shit together and get more stuff done.

How to get your shit together

First and foremost, get yourself on a MORNING ROUTINE that is productive. What you do each morning will set the tome for your day. How do you start your morning? Seriously, if you’re rolling over and checking facebook 1st thing, then you need to check yourself. Do you REALLY need to check out what went on last night on social media before you get out of bed?

Oh, just wait, I’ll be dropping a LOT of truthbombs in this blog. Please don’t take offense to them, just know they are coming from a place of love. I have people ask me ALL THE TIME how they can get more organized so I’m just telling it like it is.

The only way to get more done in your life is to step up, take responsibility and get your priorities straight! YEP, Facebook it NOT a priority kids!!! Get yourself on a morning schedule.

You might even have to step outside of your comfort zone and wake up a tad bit earlier. Wake up, plan out your day and get shit done. It’s as simple as that. Don’t waste time watching cat videos on YouTube and checking SnapChat. You’re really not missing anything. What you ARE missing is a life that is waiting to be LIVED!

Start focusing on organizing your life and prioritizing the things you actually NEED to get done.┬áIt’s amazing what people can get done when they prioritize things and schedule them out a bit in advance instead of sitting there THINKING about what needs to get done and NOT doing it. Get up and start, that’s all it takes. Quit thinking about it and start doing. You’ll actually notice you may have MORE time to relax and have fun once the important stuff is all done.

How to get your shit together

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