Have you tried every diet on the planet but nothing seems to work?

Are you sick and tired of calorie counting, macro counting, and weighing your food with little or no results?

Are you tired of starting OVER every Monday ( again and again)

Has not feeling good in your body has taken a serious toll on your confidence?

You know diets don’t work…
But how else do you lose weight if you’re not dieting?

There IS a Better Way

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Hi! I’m Melanie

I help women, in their 40’s, feel comfortable and confident in their skin by ending the vicious cycle of yo-yo dieting and ending the battle with food and their bodies.
I’m out to expose the BS behind the quick-fix diets and disrupt the diet industry so we can stop the cycle for the next generation.

I do NOT believe in diets nor do I promote them. I feel that REAL nutrition and weight loss are not about cutting calories or eliminating food groups. It has to be realistic and it MUST support your overall health!

There IS another way!

After years of struggling with my own weight issues, body image, and confidence, I decided I was done following all of the fad diets and all the quick fixes the diet industry was promoting. I decided to find out what MY body needed to live in a happy place, free from the rules and deprivation of dieting.

Throughout my own personal journey and my studies in becoming a Certified Health, Nutrition and Life Coach, I discovered the 5 KEY pillars necessary to release excess weight effortlessly and actually keep it off for good, which is what I teach in my Group Coaching program.

This program was created for the woman, in her 40’s, who has spent a lifetime struggling with weight and body image. For the woman who is tired of living with the strict diet rules and constantly feeling deprived…

I created it for the woman who wants something DIFFERENT!!

Over these 12 weeks, I will teach you EXACTLY how to master your weight loss and FINALLY see sustainable results.

Through daily accountability, weekly trainings and monthly coaching calls and direct access to me…I will walk you STEP-BY-STEP through my signature 5 PILLAR Method.

Together, we will explore areas in your life that may be holding you back and keeping you from looking and feeling your best! I’ll help you deal with your “stuff” ( fear, self-doubt, confusion, guilt and everything in between)

I’ve got your back!!

Master your weight loss,nutrition and your body!!

What’s inside:

  • Access to ME as your Nutrition/Health/Life Coach
  • Mentorship and coaching on fitness, mindset & nutrition so you always get your questions answered
  • Weekly motivation, training and Q & A sessions
  • Monthly deep dive LIVE trainings/ Coaching Sessions that keep you engaged
  • A new lifestyle blueprint so you improve your health from the inside out, and feel great – for good!
  • PRIVATE Facebook group.
  • Mind-blowing trainings on goal setting and habit building.

My Promise to You

By the end of this 12 week program, you’ll learn how to stop the dieting for good and live a lifestyle that allows you to thrive and feel your best while building your confidence and attaining the body you love.

You will learn overcome the ​road-blocks that have been keeping you stuck, ​while ​learning the keys to permanent weight loss and undeniable confidence.

I won’t promise you a quick fix “solution”! ( you’ve already tried that)
I promise you a lasting solution!!


Group does not open public enrollment until November 25th, 2022,

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I do love this program.

"I admire you so much Mel for what you’re doing. I encourage people all the time to look you up! I speak very highly of you. You have such great ideologies. Practical suggestions. You’re the best!!! I appreciate you!!! "


OMG - breakthrough moment for me

" I must tell you how happy I am I did! I have been working on my whole health - mental, physical, spiritual for a bit now. So what you are talking is really my jam! Excited to see where this journey takes me!"


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