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Get What You Want Out of Life Episode 2: Quit Hitting the Snooze Button

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Quick question: How many times do you hit the snooze button on your alarm in the morning?

You have a million and one reasons to stay in bed, to stay comfy, to stay warm, because you’re still sleepy, because “just 5 more minutes”. Did you know you’re delaying the start of you day by doing this? The alarm clock is telling you something and you just keep hitting snooze.

You’ve missed out on workouts, time to enjoy my coffee, the first five minutes of your first appointment. The more you hit snooze the less time you have to get ready for the day which then, leaves you in a hurry and stressed about being late for things all day.   The few minutes snoozing can cost you precious time that you can’t get back.  Snoozing can cost you productivity and time.

The same goes for our lives. So many of us are continuously hitting the snooze button on our lives, our dreams, our goals, the life that’s waiting to be LIVED! Some of us are snoozing and there is no alarm clock in sight.  We are snoozing wide awake!   We come up with EVERY excuse to stay stuck where we are and avoid the change needed to make our lives AMAZING!


Your dreams and ambitions ARE your alarm clock. This is your LIFE alarm clock and it’s time to GET UP!! If you jump and take action, you can start to build momentum slowly and take a new direction on your life towards what you want. Whatever it is, you CAN accomplish it and have an amazing life. Whether it be a better job, a better body, a better relationship, a better marriage, all you have to do is QUIT hitting the snooze button and make some changes. Get outside your comfort zone and get it done.


Many times, over and over again we just keep hitting the snooze button and refuse to take action. We chicken out and stay stuck or what we call “comfortable”. We are robbing ourselves of happiness and we are falling short of our full potential.

We continue to make the same promises and NEVER keep them. “Next time”, we’ll do it, or “when the time is right”. I’m here to tell you, the time is NOW! It’s time to quit wishing and start doing. It’s time to realize and BELIEVE that you CAN have what you want in life, you just have to WAKE UP and go get it!

It all starts with your choices, your actions and your determination. If you’re wanting your life to be amazing then get up and take the action that needs to be taken. Quit hitting the snooze button and live out the life that you’re meant to live.

Snoozing is the thief of progress.  You prolong your life’s full potential when you choose to snooze.  Don’t be asleep with your eyes wide open.  Don’t rob yourself of achieving your best. Don’t sleep on your opportunities because you are afraid to try.  Pull back the covers of your comfort zone and face the great possibilities before you. It’s time you hit that snooze button for the last time and JUMP out of your comfy bed and LIVE your life!

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