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Fitness and Weight Loss Myths

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There are many myths out there when it comes to fitness and weight loss. I’m going to discuss a few that I have heard and even believed in the past and clarify what these myths really mean.



Myth #1: Muscle Weighs More Than Fat

This is probably my favorite one to debunk. I’m pretty sure it’s the one I hear most too. A pound, is a pound, is a pound. A pound of feathers does not weigh less than a pound of bricks. They are BOTH a pound.

So let me explain this myth a little more and you may understand why it is said so often. What this myth is really trying to get across is that muscle is more dense than fat, so it takes up less space in your body.

Some people experience a little weight gain when first starting a new workout and they get upset thinking they should be losing not gaining. This is most likely when someone will put in the phrase “muscle weighs more than fat so you’re probably gaining muscle.” Part of that IS true and part of it ISN’T.

The weight is actually your muscles responding to the new workout. If you’ve started doing something new your muscles are working in a way they haven’t quite done. Since the muscles are working in new ways, they require more water. This water is the weight you see on the scale. Let your clothes be the judge not the number on the scale.

Myth #2 If You Lift Weights You Will Bulk Up

I hear this one all the time. “I don’t want to bulk up!” No worries, that really isn’t possible with most of the people I work with…women. You need testosterone in pretty high amounts to bulk up. As women, we just don’t naturally have a ton of testosterone.

Lifting weights is actually great for women since it helps with our bone density. The more muscle tone you have, the less fat you will have on your body which is also a great way to improve your overall health. So go ahead and lift a few weights here and there.



Myth #3 You Burn More Calories During Your Workout Than After

That pretty much depends on the type of workout you are doing. Some workouts are more effective at calorie burning during and some after a workout.

Workouts that burn more after a workout are things like lifting weights, HIIT Workouts and cross-training. These workouts will give you the biggest bang for your buck as they continue to keep your metabolism up and burn calories for at least 24 hours after your workout. This is where your muscles are working to repair themselves and build up a bit.

I’d stick to shorter more intense bodyweight, strength training workouts rather than those long cardio workouts.

Myth #4 You Can Spot Train Your Problem Areas

Oh lordy, as much as I wish this could be a true statement, it just isn’t. Spot training is the idea that you can cause weight loss or muscle definition in one area without affecting other parts of the body.

Unfortunately, we cannot do a million crunches a day and have rock-hard abs. It just doesn’t work that way. Don’t let that discourage you, though: you can safely and realistically achieve a lean, defined body through a balanced routine of HEALTHY EATING and exercise.

Myth #5 Ab Exercises WILL Give You 6 Pack Abs



Again, see myth #4. I seriously had the Abs of Steel video way back in the day and I would religiously do the workouts. I could FEEL my abs getting firmer BUT there was still a little insulation over them. Never have been able to really see them.

“Abs are made in the kitchen”. I’m sure you have heard that one before and it is true. We have to eat healthy to achieve true health. AND true health is not necessarily ABS…remember that one right there.

Myth # 6 Loose Skin Can Be Tightened

Yeah, not true..again, see myth # 4. Your skin elasticity is kind of a genetic thing. Building a little muscle may hep fill the space but it may never fully tighten the skin. I know that sucks but again, don’t focus on that so much…focus on your overall health. I’ve been working out for quite a few years and no matter what I do with my arms, they still seem to wave goodbye with my hand.

There is no exercise, cream, wrap, vitamin or supplement that will tighten it up. Eating right is the most important component because healthy nutrition leads to healthy skin

Myth # 7 Morning is the Best Time to Workout



If a morning workout fits your schedule, then it IS the best time to work out for you. You have to work out when it best fits your schedule, there really is no “best time” to work out as far as seeing different results.

Whatever time of day you can stay consistent with, that’s the time to do it. Remember a shorter workout is better than no workout so don’t stress over the time of day you get it in. Do what works best for you.

Final Thoughts

When it comes down to it, a lot of these myths have had thinking we could have the perfect body if we just went with the popular opinion out there in society. Well, I’m hoping that by reading this you have changed your mind and realized that you can’t always believe what’s out there will work for everyone. It’s not about having the 6 pack abs or the number on the scale.

I believe the most important thing when it comes to your weight loss and fitness is that you do what works best for you. Fitness and weight loss is not a one size fits all, we’re all different. Do your best and forget the rest and look at things from a HEALTHY standpoint and exercise to move your body and fuel properly with nutritious foods. don’t always make it about the weight loss or the next diet craze. Leave the myths where they are and work on YOU!


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