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Does Muscle Weigh MORE Than Fat?

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Does Muscle weigh more than fat???!!?

Have you ever heard that?

Hmm, does it? Does muscle really weigh more than fat?

A pound of muscle VS a pound of fat, which
weighs more? I think a pound is a pound right?

SOOO, muscle does NOT weigh more than fat.


Muscle is more dense than fat, which means it takes

up less space than fat. You could be working your

butt off and not seeing the scale move in any

direction but you may notice your clothes are fitting

better. You are building muscle and burning fat!


Don’t quit. Keep going!!

There are many benefits of building muscle:

1. Burn more calories. Unlike fat, muscle beefs up
your metabolism to help you burn more fat and calories throughout each day.

2. Improve appearance. When done properly, strength training can greatly improve your posture and help to prevent joint pain.

3. Build confidence. Strong muscles and joints increase your level of confidence in your abilities to perform many lifestyle activities.

4. Prevent injury. Strength training can build stronger muscles and more limber, flexible joints, which play a crucial role in preventing injury.

5. Increase bone density. Weight bearing activities improve your bone density and reduce bone loss. This helps to prevent osteoporosis.


Don’t always trust that scale to tell the truth on all

the changes that are going on through your weight

loss journey. Just hang tight and keep doing what

you’re doing and to meet your goals.


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