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How to Deal With Negative Body Issues Episode 5; Improving Your Body Confidence

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Need a boost in your body confidence? We could all use a little boost now and again.

Life is too short to spend it hating on your body for what you think it is or isn’t. It’s time to accept your body and accept yourself. Quit being so negative and hard on yourself.

Here are some great tips to help you out.

Ask yourself if you’re benefiting from obsessing over what you believe your flaws are. ¬†There is NO true benefit in shaming yourself for the things you think are wrong with you. Focus on what’s right. Work with your body, not against it.

Exercise! Don’t do it because you hate your body, do it because you LOVE your body. Exercise makes you feel stronger and healthier. Do it because it makes you feel good about yourself.


Wear comfortable clothing. Don’t focus on the clothes that are too tight and don’t fit you anymore. That will get you nowhere. Look for and wear clothes that make you feel good and are flattering to YOUR shape.

Focus on who you hang out with. Are they putting you down or lifting you up? Be around people who see the greatness in you, people who make you feel good about yourself and support you. Stay away from the life sucking people out there. Hang around people who remind you of your inner beauty and strength. Don’t let anyone tell you how you should look or what you need to change about your body.

Quit thinking you have you’re flawed and that you need to fix this OR that about your body. Fight those negative thoughts with positive ones. Remind yourself of all the great things your body can do for you.

We all have days when we feel worse than others about our bodies, we’re human. The key to developing a more positive body image is to ¬†RESPECT and RECOGNIZE that YOU are YOU and you have to learn to overpower the negative thoughts with positive and accepting ones.

Accept yourself and accept your body..It’s the only one you’ll get!!

Be sure to read up on this full series on Dealing With Negative Body Issues.

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