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Attitude is Everything

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Did you ever wonder why some people just seem to have it made and they’re always happy go lucky and then there are some who just complain about everything and never seem to be happy no matter what happens in their life?

Well, ATTITUDE is EVERYTHING when it comes down to it all. It’ all about how you deal with it all and adjust and control your attitude. You get to choose, negative or positive.

Funny thing, our attitude actually cycles in and out of 4 basic phases and I’m, going to give you a quick low down of it all. These cycles of attitude apply to all areas of our lives. Relationships, jobs, weight loss programs, projects and so on.




This is the beginning of the project, job, relationship where you’re all excited about what is about to go down and the results you will be getting. You have the end goal in mind, you’re committed and everything seems to be going in the right direction.

Unfortunately, it can be difficult to stay this excited. This high level of commitment can be difficult to keep. It generally lasts about 60 to 90 days. In sneaks phase 2, FRUSTRATION.


This is where the excitement wears off. You’re now seeing that things require a little effort and work to reach that end goal and it’s just not going as you expected. You may have to change some habits to get that end result and you’re not quite sure you want to put in the work at this point. It may get uncomfortable if it requires effort. You start to doubt if this is even worth it anymore, you’re shocked at the challenge of it all. You may even start to deny any responsibility for the task, it’s not at all what you expected things to be. You now fear what might happen, what could go wrong. At this point, your ATTITUDE changes and your commitment starts to drop, your momentum slows and you become angry. This is usually where things take a negative turn and you start to justify that maybe this isn’t exactly what was promised to you or how you thought it was going to be. You start making a mental list justifying your feelings and your decisions, things can get very negative at this point in the game. Once you have enough reasons as to why things may not work at this point and justify them, you pretty much just accept things as they are and you want to give up and walk away. Which leads us to phase 3, LOOKING


At this point, you are frantically LOOKING, grasping for any other opportunity that may be out there for you. Your ATTITUDE has completely changed towards the situation, you think this is the worst decision or goal you have ever had so you are LOOKING for something out there that will change that because “next time” will be different. Your goal is pretty much still the same but, you don’t think this is where you’ll find the answers you’re looking for.

This is where the cycle starts over again and for many of us, will continue cycling over and over again. We find another opportunity that will get us the end results we’re looking for, that satisfaction of FINALLY hitting the goal or having a good relationship or that perfect job. We’re EXCITED again, back to phase 1 BUT FOR HOW LONG?

You guessed is 60 to 90 days and this time, things will cycle through a LOT faster. Here’s the thing, in all of these phases you never once take responsibility that MAYBE the issue is YOU, not the excuses you’re coming up with or the fact that you can’t stay committed because it gets hard or requires a little effort or changing of a few habits.

YOU are the only person who can do anything about this problem. YOU have to take responsibility for solving your own problems. It doesn’t have to be a frustration trap! YOU can break the cycle.

It’s all about attitude. Avoid the negative part of the cycle. There will always be frustration with life, it just depends on how you deal with it when you get to that phase. Are you going to take the turn and go negative and give up again or are you going to put a positive swing on it and make things happen? You have the power of choice and it can be a great thing.

RE-COMMIT! Remember WHY you started in the first place. Go back to WHY you were excited and change your attitude. Get back to that commitment and attitude of enthusiasm. Things don’t have to keep negatively cycling all the time. When you get frustrated, don’t let it take over, be part of the solution, not the problem. Redirect that anger and frustration into positive and assume responsibility.

When you can do this and continue to follow along on a positive path and push through the frustrations, you will keep a POSITIVE attitude and your enthusiasm can be channeled in the right direction and you WILL get the results you are committed to getting.

You can do anything you put your mind to, you’ve got this!!


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