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We’re Always a Work in Progress

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We should always want to be a work in progress. Always strive to be better tomorrow than you are today. I think we should always be progressing in some way in our lives.

Remember, we’re not perfect so it truly is about the progression.

We all have issues that hold us back from progression. Things happen in life and changes that come along the you’ll have to deal with. Don’t give up when that happens. You may not get there the way you want to get there. There is struggle in success and we all go through it. We’ve all failed. Don’t worry about it.


This is WHY we need to remember that you are a work in progress. Take the pressure off of yourself and know that as long as you’re progressing and striving to be better, you’re doing just fine. Saying you’re a work in progress always leaves room for growth. Stay true to who you are.


You always want to be learning more and filling your mind with positive thoughts and allow that room for growth. Allow yourself to take that step each day and know it is a stepping stone process. You have to take one step to get to the next.

Each little set back or downfall you have makes you that much stronger and you learn to be a better person. Work hard for progressing as a person and know it all pays off. Be proud of your failures because you ARE learning from them.

Don’t give up. It’s up to you to decide how you want to progress, when you want to progress, when you start and when you decide it’s time to change your path to get to your destination.

You are one step closer today than you were yesterday. Be the best YOU that you can be. Do what you can today and do a little bit more tomorrow 🙂

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