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5 Simple Tips to SPEED Up Your Metabolism

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When it comes to speeding up your metabolism, I’m sure there are a million little ways to do it. Your metabolism is how your body converts your food into energy. So how do you get your body’s engine revving and SPEED up your metabolism?

Follow these 5 Simple Steps to SPEED Up Your Metabolism:




Lack of sleep actually can increase your odds of obesity and diabetes. When you lack sleep your hunger hormones can get all out of whack and send your leptin, your fat storage hormone, and ghrelin which tells your body when it is full or hungry. When these hormones are off, your metabolism will be too.  Be sure to get your sleep and restore and recharge your system.


Stress is a HUGE factor when it comes to metabolism. Stress messes with hormones also. It can raise our cortisol which helps regulate your metabolism and control blood sugar levels. When cortisol levels are raised, metabolism and blood sugar levels can be off.


What kind of environment are you in? Not only can a stressful environment mess with your metabolism but so can a toxic one. There are many toxins and chemicals out there that can disrupt your endocrine system and slow your metabolism. Be sure to try to control what you can in your daily environment.


Too much, too little, none at all. All of these can slow your metabolism. So here’s what I have to say to that. Go work out, not every day and not a million hours a day. That can actually make things worse. Go out and workout and LIFT WEIGHTS!! Yes, get your strong on. The more muscle mass you have, the higher your metabolism will be.


Yes! What you eat GREATLY alters your metabolism. From WHAT you eat to WHAT is IN the foods you eat, it is all relative. Don’t go crazy cutting calories and ve sure the foods you are eating are of GOOD QUALITY!! Eat your fiber, get in your protein and be sure to drink your water!! Oh, the quality of food matters so much when it comes to your metabolism. If you’re not eating quality foods, you’ll mess up your gut health and set off your hormones and metabolism.

So yes, SPEEDing up your metabolism can be as easy as the 5 simple steps I stated above. If you want to know more of my helpful tips on improving the SPEED of your metabolism, please message me or leave a comment, I’d love to chat more with you,


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