Kick-start your metabolism and ignite your fat burning furnace with this 5-day workout and meal plan download!

  • Are you finding it hard to get in your daily workouts?

  • Are you short on time but want to get fit?

  • Are you looking for a total body fat burning workout?

  • Are you looking to get your workouts finished in under 15 minutes?

 If you’ve answered yes then you’ll want to be sure to get this download.






I’ve created a fun 5 Day Total Body Workout to kick-start your metabolism and help you burn more fat. All you need for this 5 Day Challenge is a YOU! NO equipment or gym required.

What You’ll Get

  • 5 Days of Total Body Workouts

  • Fat Burning Moves that will tone your muscles

  • Quick Workouts and Lots of Energy

If you push yourself over the course of this short program, you might notice small changes in the way your body looks and feels by the end of these 5 days. You may even have more energy!

This 5 Day Program is just a small, simplified picture of what some of my Fitness Programs are like – the actual programs are more detailed and include much more information, as well as a nutrition overview to guide you on how to fuel your body properly and look and feel great.

You can use this 5-day plan for 2 to 3  weeks in a row; any longer than that and you’re looking at needing to mix up your routine a bit.

Kick-Start Start Your Fitness

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