30 Day Keto Experiment

What You Will Learn

You will learn the ins and outs of what the ketogenic diet is all about. You will learn how to get your body into a ketogenic state and what to eat and how to get there. You’ll learn many of the health benefits of keto also. By the end of your 30 days experiment, you’ll feel more energized, less bloated, more educated and maybe even a bit lighter.


How to prepare

You will learn exactly how you should get prepared for your 30 day experiment.


How to keep track of your experiment

You will be given downloads and directions on how to keep track of your experiment and how important it is to do so. This will ensure you the best results.


What is Ketosis?

You will learn all about ketosis and what it is.


How to get into Ketosis?

you will learn what you need to do and eat in order to get your body in a ketogenic state to burn fat as fuel.


Calories and Macros

You will learn how to calculate your calories and fat, protein and carb percentages.


Keto Flu

You will learn what the "keto flu" is and what the signs and symptoms are and what to do if or when that should happen.


Health benefits of Keto

You will learn all about the many health benefits of the ketogenic diet and how it helps and has been helping with many illnesses for many years.


Different types of Keto diets

You will learn all about the different types of keto diets and who can benefit from them.


How your metabolism works?

You'll learn about how your metabolism works in ketosis and how to become a fat burning machine.


Low-carb mistakes

You will learn about the most common low cars mistakes people make and how to overcome them should you happen to make these little mistakes.


Why you may not be seeing results?

You will learn why you may not be seeing the results you are expecting and how to make the adjustments needed to stay on track.


Reasons you may not producing adequate Ketones

You will learn the reasons why some people may be producing ketones in their body and what to do if this becomes and issue during your experiment.


Fasting and Ketones

You will learn what fasting consists of in a keto lifestyle and who could benefit from it and how to do it safely if you choose to do so.


Criticisms of high-fat low-carb diet

You will learn the criticisms of what people are saying about the keto lifestyle and why it is just that "criticisms"


Frequently asked questions on keto (FAQ)

You will learn about some of the most frequently asked questions along with their answers.


What's next?

What's next? You'll find out exactly where to go and what your next step should be after your 30 day experiment.

About the Auth

Hi Everyone. It’s Melanie. I’m so glad you’re here. I have to tell you a bit about why I have created this course. I had tried a jillion different diets only to end up not seeing the results I was looking for. I found that the Keto Diet is what works for me and I went on to do research on it for roughly 3 years before I created this course. I want to share with others how this way of eating works and how it can benefit you in so many different ways. It is my hope that once you have completed your 30 day experiment that you come out feeling you have great knowledge on what a keto diet can do for your health, your weight and your energy levels.