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10 Exercises You Can Do Without the Gym

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Who needs a gym when you have a living room floor? Bodyweight exercises are a simple, effective way to improve balance, flexibility and strength without machinery or extra equipment. From legs and shoulders to chest and abs, you can get it done EVEN, if you don’t have any equipment

Here are 10 of my favorites.


Full body

1. Bear Crawl: Embrace that inner grizzly. Starting on the hands and knees, rise up onto the toes, tighten the core, and slowly reach forward with the right arm and right knee, followed by the left side. Continue the crawl for 8-10 reps

2. Mountain Climber: Starting on your hands and knees, bring the left foot forward directly under the chest while straightening the right leg. Keeping the hands on the ground and core tight, jump and switch legs. The left leg should now be extended behind the body with the right knee forward.

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3.Lunges: Keep your upper body straight, with your shoulders back and relaxed and chin up. Always engage your core. Step forward with one leg. lowering your hips until both knees are bent at about a 90 degree angle. Make sure your front knee is directly above your ankle, not pushed out too far, and make sure your other knee doesn’t touch the floor. Keep the weight in your heels as you push back up to the starting position.

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4. Squat: Stand with the feet parallel or turned out 15 degrees—whatever is most comfortable. Slowly start to crouch by bending the hips and knees until the thighs are at least parallel to the floor. Make sure the heels do not rise off the floor. Press through the heels to return to a standing position.


Chest and Back:

5. Standard Push-Up: There’s a reason this one’s a classic. With hands shoulder-width apart, keep the feet flexed at hip distance, and tighten the core. Bend the elbows until the chest reaches the ground, and then push back up.

6. Lying back extension: Lie face down on the floor. Place your hands by the sides of your head with your elbows bent. slowly raise your head, shoulders and upper chest off the floor, pause for a 2 second count. Only raise yourself as far as you feel comfortable.


Shoulders and Arms:

7. Triceps Dip: Get seated near a step or bench. Sit on the floor with knees slightly bent, and grab the edge of the elevated surface and straighten the arms. Bend them to a 90-degree angle, and straighten again while the heels push towards the floor.

8. Boxer: Time to make Muhammad Ali proud. Starting with feet hip-width apart and knees bent, keep the elbows in and extend one arm forward and the other arm back.



9. L Seat:  Seated with the legs extended and feet flexed, place the hands on the floor and slightly round the torso. Then, lift the hips off the ground, hold for five seconds and release. Repeat!

10. Crunch:  Lie on your back with the knees bent and feet flat on the floor. With hands behind the head, place the chin down slightly and peel the head and shoulders off the mat while engaging the core. Continue curling up until the upper back is off the mat. Hold briefly, then lower the torso back toward the mat slowly.


Here are a few more workout ideas I have blogged about. They are quick and easy and you do NOT need a gym to do them. CLICK HERE


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