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#1 Reason Why You Haven’t Been Able to Lose the Last 10 Pounds

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I’m about to tell you the #1 reason you haven’t been able to lose those last 10 pounds.

How to drop those last 10 pounds!! They can be stubborn, can’t they? Heck, some people are on their 87th time of trying to lose those last 10 pounds.

Those last 10 pounds can be quite a PITAPain In The ASS!

It seems when we get to those last 10 pounds, we’ll do almost anything to get rid of them. We go balls to the wall with the counting, measuring and the crazy “Fat burning” workouts. One might say we might be overdoing it and jacking up our metabolism. It’s me, I’m ONE!

All the starving (yes that’s what you’re doing) and restricting is driving us crazy and we may not even realize it because we are so fixated on those “LAST 10 POUNDS”!

Just 10 more pounds and I’ll be happy…

Really? Is that where you’re looking for your happiness? This is a total truth bomb right here BUT you won’t find happiness in a number on a scale or in losing those last 10 pounds. Stop with the..”I’ll be happy when…” B.S.

I know, I’m mean..tough love at its finest here. Why am I telling you this? I fricking lived it!! Been there, done that and rode the emotional rollercoaster for quite some time!!



#1 Reason you’re not able to drop those last 10 pounds

OBSESSION! Go ahead and read that again! We are so damn busy obsessing over 10 pounds that we’re missing out on LIFE! We’re pretty much driving ourselves nuts over it.

How many times have you lost, gained and lost those 10 pounds throughout your life? I talk to people who constantly say “Well, I’m STILL trying to lose those last 10 pounds.” STOP IT! Stop obsessing and embrace the damn 10 pounds!

Embrace your Sweet Spot

Why in the world would I tell you to embrace 10 pounds that you’ve been trying to get rid of for a million years? Because that is not the be-all-end-all to your happiness. Those 10 pounds will not make or break who you so stop obsessing over it and move on.

We need to stop this crazy diet mentality and learn to accept the 5 or 10 pounds as our sweet spot. MAYBE, just maybe, we’re supposed to have those 10 pounds!! Maybe our bodies know exactly what they are supposed to weigh and when we give them what they need, they do what they are supposed to.

Would you believe me if I told you that? It’s true!



Hit the Sweet Spot

When you are in that sweet spot and you are treating your body with love and actually feeding it the right foods without restriction and counting you may notice a few things.

In your sweet spot:

  • Your bodyweight is easier to maintain
  • You FEEL much better
  • Your energy level is higher
  • No restrictions or crazy workouts

You read that correctly. When you find your sweet spot, you’ll find it much easier to maintain your weight. Did you know that could fluctuate by 6 or more pounds EACH DAY!!?? It’s great to be in a place of understanding and acceptance that it’s OKAY for your body to do these things.

We have to be okay with the 5-10 pounds and just ENJOY LIFE and eat the pizza too.



Change Your Focus

When you take the focus away from the “last 10 pounds” you’ll notice a lot of things change for you. The obsession slowly fades away. You stop seeing food as numbers and stop dieting and you start to see food for what it is…FOOD, nourishment, fuel for your body. It’s an amazing shift and when I see my clients start to shift, I call this their Ahh-Haa moment.

Remember this

You do NOT need a number on the scale or 10 fewer pounds to be happy. Be happy right now, not later…when you lose the “last 10 pounds”.




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